School Cumpus

We have another ABC CAPITAL School Branch Located at Kigamboni, Located at GEZA Ulole Mwera New Plot Block 24 , Registration Number: EM 18458.This branch Serve: Geza Ulole, Mwongozo, Dege, Mji Mwema, Kibada and Kigamboni. This  Branch was Started on  11/01/2021


  1. Day Care and Nursery School Year 11/2 To 5 Years
  2. Primary from Grade 1-3 , But we extend up to Grade 7.
  3. Transport
  4. Food
  5. In and Out door games
  6. French Lessons.

Extra Curricular Activities

1.Debate Sessions

2.Guidance and Counselling

3.School Clubs

4.Sports and Games