Boarding Services

ABC CAPITAL School provides boarding services to classes one up to seven.   For candidate class seven it’s a must for them to be boarders so as to enable early coverage of syllabus and provide conducive environment for studies away from home. They need more time to focus on studies for their coming National Examination

We aimed at improving student growth and development, our boarding school has diverse array of cutting edges facilities such as performance of art centers, sport courts and well equipped libraries. The teachers in boarding school are highly trained academic expert , they have responsibility of being more than mere educators. They are mentors, coaches and inspiration figures. At ABC Capital, staff will guide  pupils to do homework and teach them after departure of day scholars. In boarding school, students learn the importance of being responsible for their own actions and gain essential independent living skills. More over if you find your kid getting hard time to socialize with others at home bring him or her so that social skills can be inspired.