Thank you for choosing ABC CAPITAL as the next step for your child learning activities . It is our understanding  that the choice for the best school is one of the best crucial decision a parent can make  for the child’s education journey, we value the trust you give to our school.

To apply for our school visit us during working days  from Monday to Friday as well as Saturday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. The parent or guardian will be required to bring a pupil for the placement assessment (Interview examination), The placement assessment tools are set to determine a pupil’s readiness for ABC CAPITAL Programs. After placement assessment, results. After a pupil being accepted the pupil will join instant. This will be done from Nursery school to grade six. All pupils who are to be transferred to ABC CAPITAL they must bring PREM results will be sent to a parent by enrollment committee, the result will vary depending on individual pupils assessment NUMBER from the former school only.  For all pupils who want to join grade 1 there are supposed to come with the copy of their birth certificates.